Sacred Blood: The Vatican Assassin

Author: Andres Amezquita

Pages: 471

Sacred Blood: The Vatican Assassin is a titillating tale of passion and intrigue that spans the centuries as the link between the confessional letters of an assassin to Popes Julius II and Leo X and a modern-day murder mystery gradually comes to light light unveiling the many layers of Rome’s hidden secrets.

The intertwining story lines tell of historical researcher Anthony Hibbert, who is invited to Rome to study antique manuscripts at the Vatican Library Secret Archives, and Federigo Dottore, an assassin, whose letters are stashed haphazardly within the records.

While working to piece together Federigo’s captivating story, Anthony finds himself swept up in the murder investigation of the leader of a social media global campaign for more Vatican transparency, and inescapably attracted to the beautiful Akemi Morishima, the CEO of the cybersecurity company working for the Vatican.

When a series of erotic drawings by the Renaissance artist Raphael are discovered, the news is sure to rock the art world. But their importance increases all the more when the faded writing on the back is determined to contain part of Federigo’s narrative.

A sensuous journey through Rome’s most safely guarded secrets, Sacred Blood brings the Vatican historical thriller genre to new heights.

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