Hex Education

Author: Emily Gould

ISBN: 9781595141187
Pages: 192
Description: Sophie Stone doesn’t want to leave the bright lights of LA for the dreary little burg of Mythic, Massachusetts. So why, then, does she feel eerily drawn to the place? And why, after she crosses the county line, does she begin having headaches, accompanied by strange and frightening visions? At least school is a bright spot—Sophie is immediately accepted by the coolest, most popular, best-dressed girls at Mythic High. But what she doesn’t know is that her new friends don’t buy their couture—they conjure it! They’re a coven of witches, formed to save the town from an evil that is rising, an evil that was foretold decades ago. And Sophie is their leader!

Will Sophie embrace her powers and save the town? Or is Mythic totally hexed?
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