The Venomous Monster

Author: Melissa Mahinay

ISBN: 9781461155591
Pages: 242
Description: It all started with the curse of the Thanatos when children of the Snake King, twins Nicholas and Serpina Snake had stolen the death elixir from the laboratory. It started with just one drop of potion and one sip for the young prince to lose his life. It started with a kiss that the snake princess had took to seek revenge for her brother’s death. It started on December 3, 1606 at Desert Immortals Academy when the school proposed that a sinister monster was on the loose.

When fourteen-year-old Cali girl and Varsity player, May Belle Tuck is stalked home by a mysterious shadow demon, her life changes forever. She finds that her mother – a biology professor at Pepperdine University so happens to be Mother Nature and her Lieutenant father, a general from King Arthur’s court. With her powers now viewable to the mortal eye, May Belle is then forced to attend Desert Immortals Academy with her younger brothers, an academy for gifted immortals ranging from witches, wizards, demons, ogres, fairies, and even telekinesis. But tragic strikes. A little boy has been found dead in the school hallway with a kiss on his cheek, and it is now up to May Belle who can stop the enchanted teenage assassin. But can a normal teenage girl defeat the Venomous Monster before it is too late?
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