Water & Fire

Author: Tamora Pierce

ISBN: 9780760742501
Pages: 251
Description: In these, the first two books in the Circle of Magic quartet, acclaimed fantasy writer Tamora Pierce enchants her readers. With a heart-pounding mixture of magic and mystery, four outcasts with amazing abilities must learn how to use their magic — and trust each other — in a place where nothing is at first what it seems. Sandry can weave silk thread and create light. Tris has a powerful connection with the weather. Briar has a way with plants. And Daja has the gift of metalcraft. Between these four mages-in-training, they must save their new home, Winding Circle, the only place they have ever been accepted.

This spellbinding collection also features Elder Brother, a bonus story. Set in the world of Tortall, a tree who has been turned into a human at the whim of a mage spell must learn how to survive.
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