The Constant Sinner (Modern Classics, 400)

Author: Mae West

ISBN: 9781860491719
Pages: 212
Description: This is a very period piece. If you love the roaring twenties but want a different perspective than the glamour of The Great Gatsby, then as long as you keep in mind that much of this book is written in the vernacular and colloquialisms of the day then this should prove a slightly informative read.
My initial view of this was 1930 smut. When I read I found Miss West to be dealing more in the psychology of the “new woman”. This philosophy boils down to, if a man can have as many partners as he wants, then shouldn’t a woman have the same right. I don’t personally agree with that philosophy for either party, but the book sets about to design this femme fatale in the most glorious of lights.
It is slow, poorly written or at best written to the common man of 1930 when illiteracy was as high as 16% in some sections of America. It is not Shakespeare and although it has gone through five editions, these seem to be very early editions and have not stood the test of time. The book is rare in the sense that copies are scarce, but there is no real push for this book as a classic. If anything it could be called a novelty and no better.
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