Gravity Games

Author: John Matsui

Pages: 286
Description: Combine Sherlock Holmes with a Michelin 3 star chef. Add a sprinkling of mad scientists, terrorists, and oil billionaires.
What you get is Nathan Sherlock, the celebrity food & wine expert known as Nate The Nose whose culinary prowess stems from a super sense of smell.
That awesome olfactory ability means he can smell murder. That skill puts him on the radar of Homeland Security forces when a secret organization kidnaps a scientist and steals his anti-gravity technology.
The prospect of weightless cars sends energy markets crashing. It also sends security forces into a panic.
Terrorists could drop icebergs on cities or send armies spinning into space.
The greatest fear is blundering by amateurs. They could trigger an unintended cascading effect that reverses our planet’s gravitational field.
Only Nate The Nose and confidante Bonnie can sniff down the terrorists and stop a cataclysmic event that might end all life on Earth.
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